Saturday, 30 April 2011

Tantric Bodywork

Tantric bodywork teaches us that tantra is where men and women feel worthy of nothing but the best...
...where women understand, by example and accept the gentle teachings their own bodies.
...where men understand how to love and honour women and are loved and adored in return.
...where people aspire to excellence in their sexuality and love relationships, expand and enhance their feelings about sexuality and their sensual nature.

Religious and social conditioning has and is still depriving women of their birthright, to embrace fully their radiant sensuality. Part of the problem is that we live in a culture which worships male energy which has led women who are struggling for recognition, to act in a masculine way disconnecting from the power of their female energy. The power of the feminine is not acknowledged and unconsciously even feared. Women have been driven away from their own bodies and sexuality and often fail to recognise and articulate their own needs, desires, creativity and sensual nature.

The fact is, that we all suffer, men and women, if women feel cut off from important aspects of their internal creative lives and sensuality. Because if aspects of the creative feminine appear inaccessible to women, then this unique feminine creativity is not available to men either and this is a double tragedy.

In tantric bodywork, the entire body is first lovingly massaged - deeply and therapeutically. This is the way you’ve always longed to be touched, but never really believed that this kind of touch had really existed.

This is an honouring, loving, full body massage, in which every part of the body is touched, held, massaged and healed. Feelings of repressed sexuality, traumas, low self-esteem, poor body image, (e.g.: due to abuse, disability, radical breast surgery, etc.) can be treated and healed. You will emerge with a new-found confidence. All the receiver has to do is just relax into the moment and enjoy the healing, the energy shifts. Tantric bodywork, given with the right intentions, never leaves the person feeling lonely, or empty.
Here the empathic presence of a male therapist is in itself a reparative relationship, particularly where there is a history of abuse or traumatic sexual experience, where the quality of the masculine presence creates safety. In this safe space healing can happen.