Saturday, 19 February 2011

Tantric Massage at the Full Moon Yesterday

Nothing is more transgressive, than the playful unbounded pleasure a woman may take in her own body. Yesterday, during a tantric massage session I have witnessed again, how women's desire have been repressed, as "S" was describing how she has been driven away from her own body, sexuality and nature by emotional abuse and violence.  

Yesterday, as I was holding "S",  she was taking back the power of pleasure, rejoicing in ecstasy,  in tears, blood and moisture. 

The passion and sexuality of women is not essentialist, not bound by taboo, not dependent on the phallus. It is multiple, oceanic, inexhaustible.  Taking pleasure in their own bodies, in what is cyclical, recurring, wet, luscious and irreducible power of the erotic, the liberation of surrender. As a man being part of it and actually bearing witness to this liberation in tantric massage, is a unique experience...